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  • Do "bad" people exist or is their lack of knowledge for self "Love" responsible for the (freely made) "choice" as the negative act? We make choices in pursuit of "Happiness" but do we know the valid "absolute truth" of what we pursue/choose with "Love?" Selflessly, Ps. All humans have this ability to freely make choices. Without free-will humans would naturally or instinctively do the “right-thing” because there is no right, wrong, and no choice made for our best interests. And most importantly, without free-will there is ultimately no choice to be made. Do you know the valid "absolute truth" of/in your Human Nature pattern? (When is the thought/mind not overlooked as what precedes the action?) (Valid FB link visible w/o profile)

    True "everything" in life has its purpose, but finding "its" reason is ultimately reduced to a "simple complexity," "Love!"  In essence for all humans, true "everything" in life has its purpose, but f

    Posted By Eternal Optimism

    August 23rd

  • Whooooo hooo! Sounds too good to be true, but it's for real...everything in stock at Lyon Books is 30% for three days only starting Friday, August 8. Don't miss out!

    Posted By Lyon Books

    August 8th

  • Lyon Books just got a new batch of our special books- Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth!

    Posted By Sugar Bugz Book

    August 2nd

  • Thank you Laura for doing such a wonderful job tutoring my grandson, Leif. He enjoys his time with you at Lyons's Books.

    Posted By Phyllis Merck

    July 22nd

  • TONIGHT at 7 pm, Peter Hansen will be reading and signing his new book, I Was There. Free and welcome to everyone!

    Posted By Lyon Books

    July 22nd