T.E. Watson

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T.E. Watson
September 30, 2014 7:00 pm
September 30, 2014 8:30 pm
September 23, 2014
Lyon Books

Award-winning children’s book author T.E. Watson will present his new book, Going West: Goin’ to California: Book One. In this chapter book for children, a grandmother tells her granddaughter the fascinating story of how her ancestors came to California. In the year 1852 the American Pioneer migration to California was in full swing. Thousands of folks, hoping to fulfill a dream in a new land, journeyed westward to make a better life for their families. Many endured disease, extreme weather, rough terrain, persons of ill reputation, natural obstacles and the constant thought of “are they going to make it?”

Local author T.E. Watson’s books are prized possessions of families and school libraries the world over. All his stories convey positive messages through wonderfully entertaining story lines. His 40 years of writing and publishing experience has led him to be known as a leader in the children’s book genre. His knowledge has helped many would-be authors achieve their goal of publication.

Going West is lovingly illustrated by local artist Steve Ferchaud, who is a favorite illustrator for local authors.